Image Guidelines

Guidelines for Uploading Images for Singles or Gang Sheets:

For optimal results, we highly recommend images to be at 300 DPI.* Upload in PNG format. Ensure images have a transparent background. Do not upload mirrored or reversed images. Avoid using Neon/Florescent/Highlighter colors. Check for overlapping or images extending beyond the page. Note: Quality is your responsibility! Remember, when you upload images, we view them on a small screen, and pixelation, haziness, or low quality might not be visible until printing. Stretching an image from 2" to 15" can cause pixelation due to size increase and pixel loss.

Cancellation Reasons and Store Credit: Please be aware that any of the aforementioned factors can lead to order cancellation with store credit.

  • When adding an image to the gang sheet, ensure it's of high quality. If using a DPI converter, double-check your sizing. Many online converters reduce image size, prompting order cancellation.

Creating Gang Sheets on Third-Party Platforms: When using platforms like Canva, Procreate, Illustrator, or Photoshop, save your gang sheet at the highest quality, size, and pixel count to boost DPI.

On Canva, slide the bar to the far right before choosing transparency and saving.

Avoid Using Converter Programs: It's not recommended to use converters post-saving on your Mac. Converting afterward compresses images to increase DPI, resulting in smaller, pixelated gang sheets. Macs increase image size to raise DPI, yet it still stretches and pixelates images.

Prioritize Clarity Over DPI: While 300 DPI is ideal, it's preferable to have clear, crisp images at 96 DPI rather than converted 300 DPI that might pixelate or haze images.